join the 600 club

The Community Link Foundation run a monthly 600 Club lottery

Only 600 people will be allowed in the club, if we get over 600 application forms we will start another club.

You can become part of our exclusive club for a small donation of only £5 per month. By supporting our lottery you are helping us to make grants to people and organistations in your local community who are experiencing poverty, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.

To ensure that the charitable causes continue to receive a correct amount from the 600 Club we are making some amendments to the prize pool.

From 1st of March rather than a fixed prize of £1000 and 5 x £100 we will be providing 50% of the total monies taken in as prizes and the remaining 50% to go to the charity. This will mean that the monthly prize amount will vary as the number of participants in the 600 Club changes.

The new structure will be that two thirds of the prize pool goes to the winning ticket and one third is split between the 5 runners up.

Please read the 600 club Terms & Conditions before filling out the forms below.

Please print out the standing order form and send it to us or you can use the form below, remembering to sign with both signatures if it’s a joint account. We also need the address of your bank in the top right hand side.

Standing Order Form

Please send your documents to:
Community Link Foundation,
Heritage House,
9b Hoghton Street,
Telephone 01704 531080