David Barron

David BarronDavid was the founder of Community link Foundation and work tirelessly to set the charity up, it was his passion that built the foundations from which the charity continues to grow.

David has worked in the Financial Services sector for over 25 years and is the Managing Director of Barron Financial Solutions, a Mortgage Brokerage based in Southport.

David was the founder of the Glitter Ball events and came up with the idea of setting up a community charity and subsequently voted in as Chair.

David is a proud sponsor and supporter of Southport FC. A family man, in his spare time, he spends time with his daughter who is a keen swimmer.

David continues to support the charity in many ways and we are honoured to have him as an Ambassador.

Lyn and Mark Cunningham

Mar and Lynn 2Lyn and Mark Cunningham live in Birkdale with their two children Grace and Gerard and of course their famous dog”AJ”.

They own Anthony James Estate Agents and have over the years contributed significantly to the community via supporting various charities and events. The most recent being founders of Vital Signs Foundation which offers free heart screening to Adults between the ages of 15 to 35. They also are proud sponsors of the Annual Southport Comedy Festival produced by Bren Riley.

“Since David Barron told us about his dream to form a local charity for local people, we knew that supporting Community Link Foundation was a very simple and effective way to contribute to the society that has supported us since we opened our doors in Southport in 2002. We remain committed to continue our support now and for the future to help the many that this wonderful charity assists.”

Kerry Hennessy

Kerry HennessyKerry was born in Southport and resides there with her husband and two young boys.

Since 2005 she has worked with her husband, helping to run their busy and successful cosmetic clinic business.

In 2013 Kerry joined the charity’s Board of Trustees and played an integral role in the crucial stages of setting up the charity.

In June 2014 Kerry became the charity’s first Ambassador ” helping to raise awareness of what we do, talking to the people in our community and assisting us with raising vital funds. Kerry has held annual garden parties to raise funds for CLF.


Adam Yaffe

Adam and Sandra YaffeI grew up around photography. My Dad, Paul Yaffé, is a photographer and his Dad was one too. I guess it’s in the blood! I recently hit my 25th year as a professional photographer, so I’ve seen it all before and nothing scares me! I love what I do, in fact the days where I’m taking pictures isn’t like going to work, they’re like days off. I have a lot of fun in my photo shoots and I love meeting different people from all walks of life. I’ve worked closely with Sandra for a long time, we’re a perfect partnership. We’re very opposite in many ways and so similar in others. Sandra tells me off on a daily basis and likes to think she’s in charge of me! I let her believe it of course! Most people assume we’re married to each other, although we both have our own partners and loving children. Mind you, she’s gives me enough earache, I may as well be married to her! (she’ll hit me for saying that!)
When I’m not taking pictures of people, I’ll usually be designing images on one of my Apple Mac computers. I love everything Apple and tend to be a bit geeky about it. OK, a lot geeky! I love everything technology and always want the latest gadget. I also love dogs and eating, although not necessarily in that order!

Working to help charities is something we’ve always done and to work alongside a local charity, one as fabulous as the CLF, is a great honour for us.

Sandra Carney

I have had a varied career from running a marketing department to owning a clothes business and training as a makeup artist. As a teenager, I remember walking past what was the ‘Paul YaffE Portrait Gallery’ in Wayfarers arcade in Southport and thinking to myself that when I have children, how much I would love to have a Yaffé portrait. After having two gorgeous girls, my dream came to reality in more ways than one. Not only did I get my beautiful Yaffé portrait, imagine my delight when I started to work for that very company in 1994!
After having worked with Adam YaffE for many, many years and at the time of Paul’s retirement to Spain, it seemed the natural progression for us to work together and take the company into a whole new direction. Adam thinks I’m bossy and controlling, which I am with him, but that’s only because he needs it! He’s very forgetful and sometimes forgets that I’m always right! Having said that, he’s the most creative and artistic person I’ve ever met and together, we make a perfect team. I also love eating, drinking, anything animal print and all things sparkly!