Our Mission

Community Link Foundation is a local charity with a difference; we assist anyone in Southport and surrounding areas who need financial support in the form of a variety of ways. We have a passion for supporting the people and organisations within our community and invest in the people who live in it so that we can be proud of where we live.

Whether you are a parent with a child requiring assistance as part of an on-going illness or disease, a sports team in need of new equipment to benefit local young people or a community group that needs financial support for supplies or materials, Community Link Foundation can help those who need it most.

The Community Link Foundation is the charity for the people of Southport, Formby, Ormskirk, Ainsdale, Burscough, Hesketh Bank, Rufford and Banks and the communities within these catchment boundaries.

As a charity we want to help as many people as possible with our grants so if you would like to apply to be considered for a grant to help you or someone around you, click here.

We’re waiting to hear from you and help you.

Community Link Foundation Registered Charity number 1154506

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Our Aims


to build a stronger community and enrich lives by supporting people and organisations in need.


to help local people and organisations manage their philantrophy and charitable giving.


to influence the issues and needs affecting our community.

Making a positive difference

Great Ways to get involved

A two year old boy is now able to scoot along on the school run with his siblings, thanks to Community Link Foundation.

Joshua Shears has cerebral palsy and has reduced balance and mobility. He is one of five children and each day on the school run his mum had been worrying how to take him along safely. His mum has just had a new baby so while a lot of families would use a buggy board for their toddler, Joshua cannot grasp firmly with his left hand so it is not safe for him to use one. He would be at risk of falling and injuring himself. The use of a double buggy is inconsistent with physiotherapists’ advice who want ...